You though PokerStars terminated contracts with several football starts and that’s it? Not so fast!


Six weeks after announcement that another PokerStars face is an actor Kevin Hart, Stars filled their collection of stars with another one. Meet a new athlete who will represent interest of the room worldwide – Usain Bolt, 11-time World Champion in running from Jamaica. Now you realized why we wrote “not so fast”?


Red Spade” was represented by a whole bunch of athletes in recent years: Rafa Nadal, Boris Becker, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Fatima Moreira de Melo… They all served one purpose – popularization of poker among sports fans. According to the stats, they managed to do it as #RaiseIt ad campaign got tens of millions of views and likes in social networks.


Stars strategy about new pros is easily tracked: now a couple of dark-skinned guys Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart will start challenges the way Ronaldo and Dwayne Wade did it.


Bolt announced his cooperation with PokerStars in social networks. In his video he tried to punk Kevin Hart and made a hint about future promo.


PokerStars press service immediately claimed that Usain is in team of ambassadors of gambling spirit and love for the competition… We do realize that the main goal of them was in his social networks:

  • 19,6 million subscribers on Facebook

  • Instagram with 6,9 million subscribers

  • Twitter where Bolt is followed by 4,7 million people

For you to understand, Usain published his video about contract signing less than 24 hours ago and it was viewed 410 thousand times. By the way, Hart’s response wasn’t taking too long: “First… you are slow as shot. Second… poker is my world so beware. P.S. I have 3 gold medals in my church running team”.


Unlike his bud Kevin Hart, who plays poker great and have been ITM in international tournaments three times – PokerStars Championship on Bahamas, Monte Carlo and Super high rollers Cup in Aria, Usain is less known as a poker player. We think he will show results in time. Especially being commanded by such a person as Kevin Hart.


Many medias also notice that Bolt will have more time to spend on PokerStars marketing than Neymar Jr. or Cristiano Ronaldo, who terminated contract with PokerStars last year. Both footballers were on peak of their career and spend most of their time for their main activity. At the same time sprinter runner Usain Bolt is in critical age of over 30 years (Usain Bolt was born on August, 21 1986).


As people say, everything is for the better. We are certain Bolt will be able to win Olympic Gold couple of times again and will manage to fulfill his ambassador duties of the leading poker room on the planet.


We should also notice that famous athletes affect the cost of the companies they represent. According to Hookit resource, general sponsor of Cristiano Ronaldo Nike increased its own cost by $500M in 2016 thanks to the efforts of the footballer. Here is a quote of web site analytics:


In 2016 Ronaldo published 1703 posts on their social media platforms. These materials gathered 2,25 billions of social actions (likes, views, commentaries, reposts, etc.) 347 of all the materials had Nike logos. Those photos and videos had 477 million social activities.